Policies & guidelines for TheRazzLine® Email Service.

Membership and Subscription Information

Information on membership and how to sponsor someone as a member.

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Policy Guidelines (VITAL)

The policy guidelines for the Email Service are so that you can understand and abide by the agreements of the group.

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The web site is an open site to be used for business, promotional and personal  notices and classified ads which are not able to go out via the Email Service.

To post to the web site you must sign up AT THE SITE. Email Service membership DOES NOT transfer.

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Proper Message Formatting – The SUBJECT LINE

Ensure your messages are properly formatted to speed the traffic, allow for a smooth flow of messages and ensure they go out.

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Email Forwarding Policy

Specifics as to the kind of messages that will not be sent out by the Email Service.

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About Political Messages

Specifics as to why political messages will not be sent out by the Email Service.

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Harvesting is NOT Allowed!

The definition of “Harvesting” as it relates to the Email Service.

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Five Ways to Slow Down The Email Service!

For a better reality of the things that add steps or slow down the handling of the comm line, please read!

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Support The Email Service – Sponsorship Information

Learn how you can support the Email Service by becoming a Sponsor.

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TheRazzLine Survey Service

For a way to survey this community, check here.

TheRazzLine Survey Service

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