Email Forwarding Policy

Any email message which can be construed as being for personal gain or profit will not be forwarded via the Email Service.

The Email Service does forward messages from professionals and businesses that are written in a public relations manner, such as: newsletters, info letters, success stories, tips from professionals, etc. as long as they do not contain any direct marketing or advertising AND as long as the business represented has a Business Directory listing (at a Premium level or above) on the Notice Board

All of the following types of messages should be posted to the Notice Board (

  • Real Estate sales- Houses for rent or rooms for rent
  • Job Opportunities
  • Items for sale
  • Income or Business Opportunities
  • Requests for donations or loans
  • Services offered
  • Businesses for sale
  • Business promotion

The Notice Board is a separate service from the Email Service and can be used by anyone who agrees to and follows the terms of service published at the site – Membership DOES NOT transfer to the Notice Board from the Email Service.

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