Five Ways to Slow Down The Email Service Traffic

For a better reality of the things that add steps or slow down the handling of the comm line, please read!

1. Forwarding messages that do not belong on the Email Service lines and will not be sent out. This includes: items for sale, offering a place to rent, help wanted, business promotions and announcements and political commentary.

For more information on point 1, please see the Guidelines Sections  Email Forwarding Policy, About The Notice Board at and Political Messages

2. Geographic region or area left out of the SUBJECT line. Many messages arrive without any indication of where the message applies. As the Subject line is the only way for other members to rapidly discern if a message applies, it is vital that the Subject line is specific as to what the comm is about. Someone living in Munich may not be interested in a free puppy if it’s in Houston. But, if that is not obvious in the SUBJECT line they have to open the message and read it to see. It’s dev-t and, in the long term, reduces the ARC on the comm line.

3. Geographic region included but formatted with a colon (:) after the region. When a message like this is forwarded, the part in front of the colon disappears and is replaced with “FW:……”. EX: “Atl: Part time job wanted” becomes “FW: Part time job wanted” when forwarded to the group.

4. No subject line at all or a subject line which is a “mystery sandwich” or doesn’t really give information about the message. It’s Dev-T because I have to fix it. Here’s the point – people use the Subject line to know what the message is about. If it is not a good subject line they’ll probably just skip the message and delete it! So, make it one that makes sense and indicates what the message is about. A subject line of “Tomatoes” doesn’t say anything. Are you selling them, wanting to know where to find them, have a witty comment about them, a video link….what?

And as another Razzie so correctly pointed out, a mystery sandwich subject line without any indicator of what the message is about makes it painful to file and retrieve the message at some point in the future. “You have to read this NOW” doesn’t say anything about the content, so – unless the receiver re-titles the message and sends it to themselves – they have to search for it by text in the future which is not very effective nor efficient.

For more information on points 2-4, please see the Guidelines Section: Proper Message Formatting – The SUBJECT LINE

5. Members tell someone who is interested in becoming a member to write the Email Service and say “So and So” recommended me… This is instant Dev-T. There is now a particle originated by someone who claims to have been sponsored but there is no comm from the person who sponsored them. The standard response is to direct the person back to “So and So” to get them sponsored correctly.

For more information on point 5, please see the Guidelines Section: Membership and Subscription Information

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