Harvesting is NOT Allowed!


Harvesting of email addresses from messages sent via the Email Service or from responses to your messages is specifically against the guidelines and is NOT OK.
It is cause for immediate removal from the group.

Here is one definition of “harvesting”:
Email harvesting is an automated process in which an address collector uses a robot program to search the Internet for exposed email addresses. The program collects the address into a database, which the collector sells to anyone who wants to send mass emails. Harvesting helped spawn today’s great tide of junk email.

The practice has been outlawed by many state anti-spam laws in the United States and discredited by reputable list brokers and email marketers.

For the purposes of the Email Service, “harvesting” is collecting email addresses from messages sent by this service and adding them into your address book and then, later, sending a message to everyone in your address book. This holds true even if a person responded to a message of yours on TheRazzLine Email Service and you had a comm cycle. It includes any messages you send, whether promotional in nature or not.

For you to include people in your mass or bulk messages, you need to have their agreement that they want to receive your comm. To do otherwise is sending out spam (and is also a violation of the Non-E formula). It is not enough, nor is it a defense, to say that they responded to one of your messages.

Further, to harvest addresses and then promote to those people without their agreement works to unmock TheRazzLine Email Service. When people continually find their addresses spammed to by others who get their addresses from this service, they will end up leaving the service. The activity is an enemy of this line and is non-survival.

FAIR WARNING: People discovered to be harvesting addresses from this service will be removed from the group list and not allowed back on the line without proper application of conditions.

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