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How to become a Member of the EMAIL SERVICE:

The ONLY way to become a member of the Email Service is to be sponsored to the group by an existing member. Read below to ensure you qualify so you can be sponsored easily. Have the person who wishes to sponsor you write to the Moderator directly at:

How to Sponsor a friend:

To sponsor a friend, you need to inform me of the following things:

1.  You know the person you’re sponsoring personally – as in you’ve met them face-to-face and personally know them.
2. You know the person to be a SCN in good standing – Not that they told you, but you know it from your personal experience and can attest to that fact.
3. Their full name, address and phone number.
4. The email address they want to use for receiving messages. NOTE: No AOL addresses will be accepted. The person will need to get a different email address for receiving from the Email Service. Please ensure it is not forwarded to an AOL address.
5. The person knows about the volume and nature of the email traffic and they do WANT to receive it.

Cc the person in the message you sent for sponsorship as it makes it easier and faster for me to process their membership.

PLEASE, ensure you brief your friend as to what to expect for the volume of traffic and also direct them to the site to read the guidelines. Ensure they really want to be a member BEFORE sponsoring them.

In sponsoring another member, YOU wear a security hat. I can only go by what the people who are members tell me. I must trust that they wear their security hat and give me the data I need to ensure the security of the line.

Best, Razz

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