Policy Guidelines for The Email Service

Policy Guidelines

The policy guidelines for the Email Service are the agreements by which this group operates. When the guidelines are followed, the comm flows smoothly and with a minimum of Dev-T. Doing otherwise adds traffic and slows down the line.

The Email Service is an international comm line. At this time (July 10) there are over 1,600 members though the actual total varies daily. Messages are often forwarded on (and there is no restriction on doing so), so there is no way to tell just how far reaching the comm line is. One thing is for sure: there is a lot of email traffic generated!

Those of you who take the time to properly format messages and comply with the guidelines are acknowledged and thanked – your efforts are much appreciated.

Members not following these guidelines and/or who are responsible for continued Dev-T will have their messages deleted without forwarding and may possibly be removed from the group.


1. The ONLY correct address to use for messages going to the group and ANY AND ALL OTHER comm for the Email Service is: TheRazzLine@earthlink.net.

2. Members forward messages to the Email Service for forwarding on to the rest of the group. Messages cover a wide range of topics from 3D activities, OT Committee events, social events, people looking for work, wins and successes, etc.

3. The group is open to any SCN who wants to be part of it. For information on sponsoring someone to the group or becoming a member, please see the article: Membership and Subscription Information.

4. It is expected that members will treat each other with courtesy and respect and will “play nice with the other kids in the sandbox”. Members unable or failing to do so will be removed from the group.

5. There are 15 to 30 messages forwarded on the Email Service a day. Some days are far less and some days, more. Messages are forwarded in the order that they are received.

One person handles all of the traffic. Sometimes, because of the volume and an actual life, he gets a little behind. Please do not nudge, inquire or otherwise add more traffic if you don’t see your message forwarded immediately. If you have a time sensitive comm, please plan ahead.

6. Harvesting* of email addresses from messages sent by members will not be tolerated and is cause for immediate removal from the group. Do not respond to messages with your own offers – that is harvesting.
(* Harvesting is gathering email addresses from messages sent out and sending your own messages directly to them with offers. This extends to adding addresses to your group list of people who respond to a message you send out without asking them if they want to be added to your list.) Please see the article: Harvesting is NOT ALLOWED!

7. No messages with the intent to conduct business, offer services of any kind or to sell any sort or type of property will be forwarded on the Email Service. This includes rooms for rent and job opportunities. You are welcome to use the web site www.TheRazzLine.net for this type of notice. Please see the article: Email Forwarding Policy.

8. The Email Service does forward messages from professionals and businesses that are written in a public relations manner, such as: newsletters, info letters, success stories, tips from professionals, etc. or businesses using the line to do marketing surveys, as long as they do not contain any direct marketing or advertising.

Before these PR type messages will go out via the Email Service, it is required that the business have a Business Directory listing (at a Premium level or above – not FREE) at www.TheRazzLine.net. (This way, the respective businesses can support the Email Service they are using and can be readily available to members of the group via the site.)

9. The Email Service is a different and separate thing from the web site at www.TheRazzLine.net. Membership does not transfer one to the other. To become a member of the web site, please sign up there. Please see the article: About – www.TheRazzLine.net.

10. Members whose email addresses “bounce back” will be removed from the group.


11. Write messages so that they are ready to be forwarded as-is. This should include the application of HCO PL VIEWPOINT when writing your message.
(Ex: no earlier messages left on the message, no names and email addresses from earlier message forwardings left in the message, no editing of any type required by the Moderator)

12. It is REQUIRED that all messages have a proper Subject line. The subject line should briefly state what the message is about. No mystery sandwich subject lines will be accepted or forwarded. Please see the article: Proper Message Formatting – THE SUBJECT LINE.

13. It is REQUIRED that messages sent for forwarding come from an address recognized as belonging to a member. Messages from addresses not in the system go to the spam filter and are deleted.

14. If you have a message that is applicable to a specific area, it’s REQUIRED that you indicate the area in the Subject line. The format is as follows: CW – VM event or LA – Looking for restaurant or Sydney – OT Committee event. (Do not use a colon as it disappears when forwarding – Ex: “LA: Looking for restaurant” becomes “Looking for restaurant” when forwarded.)

15. It is REQUIRED that all messages include the name of the originator – sign your message with your full name so people can tell who sent the message. Business name, address, phone number, email address and ONE web site address are permitted as part of the signature.

16. Do not include the email addresses of others in your message unless they specifically agree. This includes having others in the Cc field. Edit them out before sending to TheRazzLine Email Service.

17. Images in messages are allowed, but, as a general guideline, messages over 350K in size will not be forwarded. Learn how to format your images or HTML documents so that they are compressed and smaller in size.

18. For time sensitive comm, please send messages early enough for them to go out and have enough time for people to read them and act on them.

19. This is a message forwarding service, not a discussion group. Messages commenting on or attacking another’s message will not be forwarded. If you have a different viewpoint and would like to present it, write your message so that it can stand alone as its own comm and submit it for forwarding to the group.

20. Political messages will not be sent out via the Email Service other than informational messages and calls to action regarding legislation relating to psych issues and health regulations. Political messages will posted to the Discussion Board at http://original.therazzline.net/ if specifically requested by the message originator.

21. Attachments are NEVER forwarded. If you have a message you want to send which is in a word document or otherwise, copy the message and paste or insert it directly into your email message.

22. Messages which may be enturbulative or might cause confusion will be rejected and not forwarded.

23. Messages aimed at another in the group or which are attacks of one sort or another will not be forwarded. Continued messages of this type will be cause for removal from the group.

24. Write-ups for Ethics conditions will not be forwarded on this line as the internet is a wide-open line and therefore not secure.

The points above, properly cared for, will greatly streamline the handling of messages to the group.

Best, RAZZ

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