Political Messages

Political messages, other than call-to-action notices about psych related bills, health and nutritional information and calls to action, environmental calls to action and fair tax information, will not be forwarded via the Email Service.

WHY: Past experience shows that the discussions they tend to generate can create disharmony which is contrary to the purposes of this group. And, amazingly, there has been a trend of unwillingness to experience another’s point of view when it is different from one’s own.

All political messages (other than local community messages) sent to the Email Service will be deleted unless the sender specifically asks for them to be posted on the Discussion Board.

Political messages directed to be posted on the board MUST have these words included along with the rest of the subject line: POLITICAL DISCUSSION BOARD. Simply send a message as if you were sending it for forwarding via the Email Service but put the above in the subject line along with your subject and it will get posted to the discussion board.

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