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I’m writing to announce a new service offered by TheRazzLine – SURVEYS!

The key purpose of the Email Service and is to provide a forum where members of our community can stay in comm with each other and thereby flow power one to the other and to our community in general. has the additional purpose of providing an outlet for business and commerce. We’ve gone to great lengths to make safe environments for both services and to do that in a way that doesn’t violate any policy.

Over the 11+ years of doing the Email Service, there have been many times when members wished to survey the group. Some of these surveys have been business related and some were just to get a sense of how people felt about things. Some were merely attempts to prospect for leads and were rejected because of it.

Over the years, I’ve kept in mind the need for a way to survey our group while protecting against prospecting and keeping direct business promotion off the email line. Recently, I came up with a way to survey that fits the bill perfectly!

The survey facility I found, and the way I’ve set things up, gives the benefit of helping members of our community who need a way to survey within our community. It also gives you a way to flow power to others in our community by providing something really valuable – your opinions! : ) Additionally, it is another way to put in some exchange for this service and help to keep it going. Really, your opinions are valuable. It’s a win-win for everyone!

The way things will work is that those who wish to have a survey go out to members of TheRazzLine will sign up for the service via Once the survey is ready, a message will go out with info about the survey (topic, length, etc.) and a link to access it. Those who wish to do the survey simply go to the link and answer. Answers will be completely anonymous and personal or identifying information will never be shared with anyone.

I hope you will gladly do the surveys as often as you can. It flows power and support to TheRazzLine and our group and will help others in our community to flourish and prosper.

I’m really happy to bring this service to our community. I believe it to be very much needed and wanted.

All the best,

Ray McKay


For more information about the service, you can visit this link: TheRazzLine Surveys

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